Stars of Kovan: the next destination to a healthy lifestyle

The Stars of Kovan in Singapore is the upcoming real estate project located at the junction of Serangoon and Tampines Road. Surrounded with all the basic amenities including education and recreation, this is one of the hottest properties to be released in 2016.

stars of kovan the next destination to a healthy lifestyle


Connectivity is one of the most important criteria that make a project successful. The estate is strategically connected to all most all the important highways and a number of expressways. Whether you are going to work or for some other purpose you can be rest assured that it will take just a short ride. This is because the location of this estate is linked to the Tampines Expressway and KPE expressway. It is also linked with the Pan Island expressway and Central expressways as well thus making connectivity much better. The working sector of CBD and the orchard road for recreational purposes are two important locations of the place. The residents of Stars of Kovan can be rest assured that they will be connected to these landmarks easily.

Selling points for Stars of Kovan residents

People who want a home from where they can get access to all basic amenities, then this are just the right place for them. It promises you an elegant and a new style of city living. Some of the main attractions of this particular estate are:-

  • Developed by Asset Legend Limited and they hold a very high status in the real estate sector.
  • Rare mixed residential and commercial complex in District 12.
  • Strategically linked to different places with the help of multiple important expressways
  • With the various kinds of eating varieties along the Kovan lane ensures that the residents will never be hungry
  • Great rental return and provision for profit maximization.

All the information required by the customers is available on the net. As it is a unique property, so it is catching a lot of attention as well. The Stars of Kovan location map is also provided. So quickly book your apartment and enjoy the new style of living.

Feel the Hip Lifestyle through Gem Residences

Singapore has been a dream come true city for people since the past eras. Thus getting a residential plot with an affordable rate is not so easy. But certainly the Gem Residences have made your dream of settling within Singapore come true. Builders have worked with their minds to make this residential area stand up strongly within the midway of expressways. In the world of real estate business, numerous achievements have been achieved by people. Gem Residences project have been a turning point for the real estate business.

Tropical effect for the setup:

Singapore has been a Garden City. Thus, a revolutionary creation of real estate property has been quite beneficial for business. In fact, it had been useful for families to stay in fruitfully. Easy transportation facility plays a very crucial role especially for office going people. Thus, its midway situation joining every single expressway together has reduced excessive transportation cost for you. Eventually, the environment around the Gem Residences has also been the reason behind people staying there.

Stunning features of the residence:

A fascinating part of any property is the facilities being made available for the families.

  • Swimming pool for relaxation
  • Playground for small kids
  • Indoor Gym for exercising
  • Security with highly trained people
  • Easy education providing schools
  • All way transport availability
  • In-house doctors, laundry and handyman services, as well as personal chef
  • In-house Car sharing scheme
  • On-demand concierge services

These all awesome facilities and features have grabbed the eyes widely. This type of extremely developed project is certainly difficult to view in today’s era with all small facility.


The Gem Residences have tremendously transformed the way of living today. It has been a tough competition for property dealers within the real estate business today. Eventually, families finding their livelihood all through Singapore can be done easily today that too at an affordable rate.

The Uniqueness of Lake Grande Location

You may have heard that Lake Grande is situated at a strategic location. And you don`t comprehend why strategic. As a matter of fact strategic is an understatement. The location is super perfect. That location is the only reason why you will and can enjoy your stay at Lake Grande. And it has caught so much attention because of the developments of this place. You may have encountered other great locations but this is quite unique. The natural features you find here cannot just be found anywhere. This location holds your power to grow and live your life to the fullest.

Features of Lake Grande Location

So many great locations globally that can be termed as attractive are just but artificial. But the place in question is natural. It has Jurong Lake in close proximity. You will have the advantage to live near the lake. In addition it has an outstanding landscape that will capture your attention

You can`t help gazing at the beauty of this location. As a matter of fact it is too much to behold. The structures that have been put in place are quite enchanting. Once you visit the place you would never dream of looking back.

The place will enable you to devised methods to grow yourself. It is a place where you cannot remain stagnant. All you need is start residing at Lake Grande and your life will adapt an upward trend.

If you ever dreamt of spending money or resources without caring and still never exhaust your wallet. This should be your home location. The people who live there get the benefits of belonging to an automatic upper class.

Cool environment
This is the place you enjoy summer almost throughout the year. The warm climate never leave this place. Making it most ideal for investment. Globally this location is the best that ever was. You cannot afford to miss the opportunity of living in the best location globally. That is, Lake Grande location.

Arrive in Changi Airport to Move into Your Hip New Condo

One of the most impressive things about Singapore is the Changi Airport. Skytrax, the United Kingdom airport review agency rated them the best airport in the world. It is certainly a good first impression for arriving into Singapore to move into your new condo at Sturdee Residences.

arrive in changi airport to move into your hip new condo

Some Facts about Changi Airport

  • Home of the world known Singapore Airlines
  • Serves more than 100 airlines and 320 cities around the word.
  • Each week 6,800 flights land and depart from Changi.
  • That is one landing or departure every 90 seconds.
  • Last year they dealt with55,448,964 passengers
  • 7th largest amount of passenger traffic in the world
  • A record was broken on Christmas 2015 when 192k passengers came through on that 24 hour period.

History of the Singapore Airport

Changi Airport was the third airport in Singapore and opened in 1955. It is approximately 17.5m from downtown area and Sturdee Residences. It was growing at a rate that it could not keep up with and a few times they made plans to upgrade or move it and it fell through. In 1975it was decided to be put at the Changi air Base. Although very few and far between there have been a few major instances at the Changi Airport.

  • On March 26th 1991 Singapore – Airlines are hijacked. For men had hijacked the plane to get it refuel and go to Australia. Fortunately when it landed at Singapore law enforcement storm to the plane and killed those men.
  • On November 4th 2010 – An Airbus had mechanical failure and a engine went out. Fortunately none of the 24 passengers were harmed.

A Great Place to Arrive and Live

Sturdee Residence is a wonderful place to come and build your life. Arriving in to the best Airport in the world is a great first impression. Each day you will find more things that you love about Singapore to delight you.