Arrive in Changi Airport to Move into Your Hip New Condo

One of the most impressive things about Singapore is the Changi Airport. Skytrax, the United Kingdom airport review agency rated them the best airport in the world. It is certainly a good first impression for arriving into Singapore to move into your new condo at Sturdee Residences.

arrive in changi airport to move into your hip new condo

Some Facts about Changi Airport

  • Home of the world known Singapore Airlines
  • Serves more than 100 airlines and 320 cities around the word.
  • Each week 6,800 flights land and depart from Changi.
  • That is one landing or departure every 90 seconds.
  • Last year they dealt with55,448,964┬ápassengers
  • 7th largest amount of passenger traffic in the world
  • A record was broken on Christmas 2015 when 192k passengers came through on that 24 hour period.

History of the Singapore Airport

Changi Airport was the third airport in Singapore and opened in 1955. It is approximately 17.5m from downtown area and Sturdee Residences. It was growing at a rate that it could not keep up with and a few times they made plans to upgrade or move it and it fell through. In 1975it was decided to be put at the Changi air Base. Although very few and far between there have been a few major instances at the Changi Airport.

  • On March 26th 1991 Singapore – Airlines are hijacked. For men had hijacked the plane to get it refuel and go to Australia. Fortunately when it landed at Singapore law enforcement storm to the plane and killed those men.
  • On November 4th 2010 – An Airbus had mechanical failure and a engine went out. Fortunately none of the 24 passengers were harmed.

A Great Place to Arrive and Live

Sturdee Residence is a wonderful place to come and build your life. Arriving in to the best Airport in the world is a great first impression. Each day you will find more things that you love about Singapore to delight you.